Overview of Project

Owning a world class sailing yacht is a special opportunity. To locate and purchase one of the Worlds’ most elegant yachts and experience the planet in this manner goes beyond words and is best left for experience to dictate the feeling. I have been incredibly lucky in my life to sail aboard many such vessels.

We created this selection of yachts with the boats you mentioned and some others that I think you may want to consider in this process. There are many others, of course, that may fit your criteria as your parameters take even more shape. As you know, I am huge fan of Perini Navi yachts. I have sailed in over 25 regattas and spent countless days aboard Perinis. I have come to count the crews, captains and Perini staff among some of my best friends. I have also spent time aboard Baltics, Alloy Yachts, Royal Huisman, and Vitters, among others. While Perini may be the best choice for you for a host of reasons, I encourage you to visit with and see other vessels while you search for the best boats to suit your needs.

What is your dream? What is the vision of your best day or week aboard your magnificent sailing yacht? You are not choosing to build a yacht of your own, thus the selection of a vessel that best fits your carefully thought out and imagined plans is critical to your overall enjoyment of this life experience. During your research, I am sure you have found that there are a multitude of choices that relate to all the aspects of this lifestyle. Because of this, starting this process very broad is a good idea. Having chartered big power yachts and experiencing that part of the industry, as well as your more recent research into the sailing world, has certainly given you a head start on this part of the process.

Asking yourselves a host of questions and relying on resources to help answer them can help you narrow this search down to just a few vessels. Making this even more interesting is that many of these questions have more than one good answer. Some of the more fun questions to ask are associated with the lifestyle. Do you love one of the designers more than others, or at least find yourself attracted to more of those designs? Are you more interested in classic interior designs, cutting edge, or something in between? How many people do you want to share your home on the water with? Where do you want to explore? Do you prefer the elegance and versatility of the ketch and her abilities, or the maneuverability and often better performance of the sloops? These questions can shape the look and feel of the your project and the experience as a whole.

The questions that are not as much fun to ponder but that can be equally as important to the project must also be answered.  How much are you comfortable in spending on this every year? Every yacht is at a different stage of its life, so how comfortable are you with different levels of depreciation? Where in the life cycle is the vessel in terms of class ratings, refits, and surveys? How many of the top end captains are available? How often are you willing to charter your special yacht? Are regattas or shows something you would consider? How do you see the crew and pro crew interacting in those events? Do you value privacy or letting the boat be admired more? Are you comfortable with a large refit if you find the best boat with an interior that you aren’t in love with? This list of course goes on to include machinery equipment as well, but balancing this list with the earlier questions will certainly move the needle in the right direction for you.