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Oyster 625 Bluewater Cruising Sailboat Review

Category: Bluewater Cruising Sailboats | Brand: Oyster Yachts

The Oyster 625 is a magnificent sailboat. Her sailing abilities are among the best for her size and offer a large step up when compared to the usual cruising boats owned and operated by couples. This, coupled with a voluminous and well designed interior makes the 625 one of the finest cruising yachts ever built by Oyster Marine.

The ability to sail at ten knots instead of seven or eight over an extended period of time allows owners to completely change their cruising plans. The Oyster 625 is a powerful sailboat that can be handled by an experienced couple but also has ample space for a captain and crew if that is the desired cruising mode. As well as being faster than her little sisters the 625 is also a much heavier allowing her to handle seaways that often keep standard cruising yachts on the dock.

The cockpit layout on the 625 is ideal for couples that enjoy sailing and entertaining. The twin helms are aft of the main cockpit and have all engine and sail controls within easy reach. The large cockpit features a beautiful table with a built in fridge. This space is a great place to have drinks dinner or lie down and take a nap. While underway it is also comfortable and out of the way of any needed controls.

Most of the oyster 625’s are able to accommodate crew forward while still having cabins available for family and guests. The 625 also has a storage area forward of the of the guest cabins in the forepeak. The galley is a passageway style galley that allows two people to work comfortably at the same time. The large salon separates the the galley and the master cabin aft from the forward cabins. The salon has large vertical hull windows and of course features Oysters G5 raised salon widows making the space pleasant in all conditions.

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