Hylas 54 Yacht Reviews

Hylas 54 Yacht Reviews

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Hylas 54 Yacht Reviews

Spacious. Comfortable. Capable. Fast. This is how the Hylas 54 sailing yacht is repeatedly described in reviews and boat tests. The Hylas 54 is no longer in production, but for years it was one of the most popular models in the Hylas lineup of bluewater cruising sailboats. A yacht builder long known for their exceptional build quality, handling, performance, and comfortable accommodations, Hylas and the Hylas 54 is a yacht that should be considered by any sailing couple looking for a capable passagemaking or liveaboard sailboat.

For those thinking about buying a Hylas 54, to help you learn more about this bluewater cruising yacht, here are a number of links to articles, reviews, and boat tests. Some of these articles are a few years old and go back to when the Hylas 54 was first introduced, but the positive feedback from the yachting industry is pretty incredible. It is no wonder that the Hylas 54 has held it’s value over the years as the same qualities and features that were praised when the Hylas 54 was in production are just as impressive today.

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Sail Magazine includes Hylas 54 in Top 12 Bluewater Cruising Boats

2002 Hylas 54 For Sale SerenityThe Hylas 54 was featured in an article by Sail Magazine that listed the most popular bluewater sailing yachts consistently seen at the World Cruising Club’s sailing rallies and regattas.

Selection of comments by Sail Magazine about the Hylas 54:

– The German Frers design, excellent sail plan, and strong hull combine for an efficient yacht that can easily sail 200 miles a day or more.

– Ease of handling for a sailing couple and the ability to withstand rough sea conditions.

– Because Hylas allows owners to customize much of the interior design and layout, Hylas 54 models are incredibly unique with no two sailboats being the same.

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Hylas 54 Boat Test By Sailing Magazine

2007 Hylas 54 Salon“A swift and capable passagemaker with luxurious and well-thought-out accommodations” is what Sailing Magazine had to say about the Hylas 54 after performing a sea trial of the yacht. This is a complete and in-depth review that covers everything from performance and handling, to technical build specs, to interior amenities and provides excellent details about the Hylas 54 inside and out.

Selection of comments by Sailing Magazine about the Hylas 54:

– Faster than you’d expect for a 50,000-pound boat in light air. With apparent wind less than 10 knots, the Hylas 54 still sailed at 7 knots.

– The Hylas 54 has nice lines, and the waterline has been lengthened by removing the overhangs, resulting in an LWL of 45 feet, 9 inches. Combined with a displacement-to-length ratio of 220 and sail area-to-displacement ratio of 17.6 and the performance capabilities of this bluewater design is clear.

– A bulletproof hull. Hylas builds their hulls with Twaron, an aramid fiber (similar to Kevlar), layered with solid fiberglass, making it extremely strong.

– A comfortable cockpit that is designed well and secure in heavy winds. Electric winches that are easy to reach from the helm make shorthanded sailing possible in a boat this big.

– An engine with easy access and fuel tanks with a 200-250 capacity provides a powering range of more than 1,000 miles.

– Excellent stainless work on deck, including extended stern pushpits, massive cleats and chocks, and hefty stainless handrails.

– A luxurious interior with beautiful teak woodwork. The 3-cabin layout is spacious, bright, and features a large and comfortable aft stateroom, a galley layout that works well underway (and at 7 feet long provides ample counter space), a forward cabin with a queen island berth, and 2 heads that both have full shower stalls.

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Hylas 54 Review by Yachts For Luxury

2005 Hylas 54 Sailing“A thoroughly modern beauty” says Yachts For Luxury. This blog post highlights the exceptional build quality and notes some of the small details that have be incorporated into the Hylas 54.

Selection of comments by Yachts For Luxury about the Hylas 54:

– From the clean decks, to the logically positioned winches, the angle of the cockpit seat backs, and the great visibility, the Hylas 54 has it all.

– The Frers-designed hull is so fast she has speed that rivals some race boats. Hylas owners frequently report achieving +200-mile days at sea.

– At 15ft 9in, the large beam on the Hylas 54 is well aft, resulting in a stable platform and voluminous interior.

– The raised deck fills the salon with light, providing a spacious feeling down below.

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