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Grand Banks
Downeast Motor Yachts

For over half a century, Grand Banks Yachts has been at the forefront of the luxury yacht industry, producing boats of exceptional quality and design. With their impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Grand Banks Yachts has become a trusted name in the boating world.

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Grand Banks
Yachts For Sale

Model Length Location Price  
2003 Grand Banks Eastbay 38 38 FT Westerly $330,000
2006 Grand Banks EASTBAY 39 SX 39 FT Anacortes $395,000
2006 Grand Banks 39 Eastbay SX 39 FT Ocean Gate $369,000
2011 Grand Banks 41 Heritage EU 41 FT Grasonville $739,000
1987 Grand Banks 42 Europa 42 FT Oceanside $254,000
1993 Grand Banks 42/43 Classic 42 FT Eastlake $274,900
1999 Grand Banks 42 Classic 42 FT Cape Coral $349,000
2007 Grand Banks 43 Eastbay SX 43 FT Huntington $495,000
2001 Grand Banks Eastbay 43 43 FT San Diego $369,000
1999 Grand Banks 43 Eastbay FB 43 FT Miami Beach $345,000
2013 Grand Banks 43 Europa 43 FT Boca Raton $895,000
2015 Grand Banks 43 Europa 43 FT Norwalk $895,000
1995 Grand Banks Classic, stabilized with thruster 46 FT Point Clear $254,000
2012 Grand Banks 46 Eastbay SX 46 FT Old Saybrook $829,000
1997 Grand Banks 46 Europa 46 FT Fort Lauderdale $295,000
1990 Grand Banks 46 Classic 46 FT Palm Coast $259,500
1990 Grand Banks 46 Classic 46 FT Stuart $255,000
2006 Grand Banks 46 Europa 47 FT Virginia Beach $385,000
1993 Grand Banks 46 Europa 47 FT Croton on Hudson $345,000
2006 Grand Banks 47 Europa 47 FT Fort Myers Beach $695,000
2005 Grand Banks 47 Eastbay FB 47 FT Fort Lauderdale $695,000
1993 Grand Banks MOTORYACHT 49 FT Bellingham $275,000
1999 Grand Banks EastBay 49 49 FT Yarmouth $390,000
1999 Grand Banks Eastbay 49 HX Express 49 FT North Beach $395,000
1999 Grand Banks EastBay 49 49 FT Charleston $398,000
1995 Grand Banks 49 Motoryacht 49 FT Ventura $479,000
1988 Grand Banks 49 Classic 49 FT Gloucester Point $295,000
2006 Grand Banks Eastbay 49' SX 49 FT Hampton $649,000
1999 Grand Banks 49 Eastbay HX 49 FT Miami Beach $339,000
2014 Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX 50 FT Sturgeon Bay $1,495,000
2014 Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX 50 FT Seattle $1,495,000
2000 Grand Banks Heritage Europa 52 52 FT Belfast $587,500
2005 Grand Banks 54 Eastbay SX 54 FT Moore Haven $694,000
2003 Grand Banks 54 Eastbay SX 54 FT Coconut Grove $699,000
2006 Grand Banks eastbay 54 sx 54 FT Racine $728,000
2004 Grand Banks eastbay 54 sx 54 FT Virginia Beach $795,000
2005 Grand Banks Eastbay 54 FT Harpswell $869,900
2013 Grand Banks 54 Europa 54 FT Dania Beach $1,695,000
2020 Grand Banks 57 Europa 54 FT Stuart $2,395,000
2021 Grand Banks GB54 Flybridge 54 FT Stuart $2,550,000
2023 Grand Banks GB54 54 FT Sarasota $3,395,000
2015 Grand Banks Eastbay 50SX 55 FT Harbor Springs $1,590,000
1969 Grand Banks 57 57 FT San Diego $499,000
2004 Grand Banks 58' Eastbay 58 FT Baltimore $1,050,000
2008 Grand Banks 59 Aleutian RP 59 FT Fort Lauderdale $1,139,000
2007 Grand Banks 59 Aleutian RP 59 FT Palmetto $1,664,900
2020 Grand Banks GB60 Flybridge 60 FT Stuart $3,595,000

Grand Banks
History Committed To Quality

Founded in 1956, Grand Banks Yachts first gained recognition for their classic wooden boats, which were known for their elegant lines, comfortable interiors, and seaworthiness. The company's wooden boats were built to last, and many of them are still sailing today, a testament to the company's commitment to quality. In the 1970s, Grand Banks Yachts shifted to producing fiberglass models, which enabled them to offer a wider range of designs and sizes. Today, the company produces both fiberglass and aluminum models, ranging from 43 to 85 feet in length.

Despite the shift to new materials, Grand Banks Yachts has retained its commitment to traditional boatbuilding techniques and quality. Each yacht is hand-built by skilled craftsmen, who take pride in their work and pay attention to every detail. From the woodwork to the wiring, every aspect of the boat is meticulously crafted and inspected to ensure that it meets the company's exacting standards.

Popular Grand Banks Models

Grand Banks has been building yachts for over 60 years and in this time has offered many different models ranging in size from 36 to 85 feet. Their current lineup of new yachts consists of the Grand Banks 54, 60, and 85, as well as the Eastbay 44 and 60. There are also several models that have been discontinued but are still very popular on the pre-owned brokerage market.

Grand Banks 85

The GB85 is the largest yacht built by Grand Banks, and an amazingly fuel-efficient vessel. She combines sophistication, practicality, modernization, and luxury altogether for a phenomenal yachting experience enjoyed by all. By utilizing the most advanced construction techniques they have created a vessel that is lighter and travels longer while maintaining the build quality and comfort that makes Grand Banks highly desirable.

Grand Banks 60

The GB60 was launched by Grand Banks in 2016 and is a revered member to what is a fantastic lineage of long-distance cruising vessels. She provides a spectacular showcase of what sets Grand Banks apart from the rest of the cruising world. At the first glance you will stop and stare at the beauty of her distinct lines and V-Warp hull. Featuring a combination of high tech and high style, she provides a world of luxury and state-of-the-art technology in concert. With the ability to cover over 200 nautical miles at 10 knots she makes long range cruising a breeze.

Grand Banks 54

The GB54 follows suit of its predecessor and bigger sister, the GB60. Launched in Spring 2020, she has already made quite a splash in her first few years. She provides another iteration of a fantastic combination of luxury, performance, practicality, and efficiency. The commitment that Grand Banks makes to quality construction and the highest standards is very much evident in the GB54, which cruises comfortably and won’t shake or rattle even when the seas are rolling.

Eastbay 60

Giving life back to downeast style yachts and reinvigorating the spirit of yachting, the EB 60 is the flagship of the Eastbay line by Grand Banks. With cruising capability and top of the line amenities, she relishes the effort put forth by the competition. Eastbay owners past, present, and future will be proud of the direction Grand Banks has gone with this line.

Eastbay 54

The Eastbay 54 was quite the spectacle in her prime, being one of the most highly regarded downeast express yachts in her class with a deep-vee hull, substantial weight, and Grand Banks high quality build standards combined with Ray Hunt's fantastic design.

Eastbay 49

The predecessor to the 54, the Eastbay 49 set the standard for the Downeast style yacht. She offered a combination of seaworthiness, comfort, performance, and style that could not be matched by any other manufacturer.

Eastbay 46

Continuing with the quality and craftsmanship of Grand Banks, the Eastbay 46 brought an elegant and sporty component to the Eastbay brand. Veering away from the direct drive and towards the pod drive system which, at the time, was a new and innovative approach to enhancing maneuverability and performance. The 46 continues to be a popular and respected yacht on the pre-owned brokerage market.

Eastbay 44

The EB44 is a perfect combination of traditional and modern from bow to stern. Launched in 2015, she has been turning heads ever since. She presents a wonderful rush at a cruising speed of 25 knots and top speed of 33 knots, all while still maintaining that amazing fuel efficiency due to the construction materials and design that all Grand Banks models are known for.

Grand Banks vs. Eastbay Yachts

Grand Banks and Eastbay are both high-end yacht brands made by Grand Banks. While they share some similarities, such as their classic yacht styling, reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, there are also some notable differences between the two brands.

Grand Banks is a brand that has been around since 1956, and they are known for their classic motor yacht designs, exceptional seaworthiness, and quality craftsmanship. Grand Banks yachts are typically larger, with sizes ranging from 42 to 85 feet, and they are often built to order with a range of customizable options. Grand Banks yachts are designed for long-range cruising, with features such as large fuel tanks and spacious living areas.

Eastbay is a brand that was launched by Grand Banks in 1993 as a more performance-oriented line of yachts. Eastbay models are typically smaller compared to Grand Banks models, with sizes ranging from 38 to 60 feet, and they feature sleek, modern designs with a focus on speed and agility. Eastbay yachts are designed for day trips and short-range cruising, with features such as lightweight construction and powerful engines.

Grand Banks Features & Highlights

Grand Banks and Eastbay yachts are known for their exceptional quality and design, with features and amenities that make them comfortable and practical for long distance cruising and extended stays on board.

Classic Motor Yacht Design & Style

One of the hallmarks of Grand Banks Yachts' boats is their timeless design. While the company has embraced new technologies and materials, they have also retained the classic lines and styling that have made their boats so popular over the years. A Grand Banks yacht is a thing of beauty, with its sweeping curves, teak decks, and elegant interiors.


Grand Banks Yachts are known for their seaworthiness, with hull designs that are optimized for stability and performance. The boats are built to handle a wide range of sea conditions, making them suitable for extended cruising.

High Quality Construction & Finishes

Grand Banks Yachts are built to last and are respected for their quality building methods and use of high-quality materials such as teak, mahogany, and other luxury finishes. The company's skilled craftsmen pay attention to every detail, ensuring that every aspect of the boat is meticulously crafted and inspected to meet the company's exacting standards.

Spacious Living Spaces

Designed for serious cruising, these yachts have living spaces that are carefully designed to maximize comfort and functionality. Aboard a Grand Banks you will find galleys that are well-equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures, heads that are spacious and luxurious, as well as plenty of storage, seating, and sleeping areas.


Grand Banks Yachts offers a variety of customizations, allowing customers to personalize their boats to suit their individual preferences and needs. Whether it's a custom interior layout, a special paint color, or a unique feature, Grand Banks Yachts works with customers to ensure that their boats are exactly what they want. As a result, each yacht is unique in its own way. Even if you are purchasing a pre-owned Grand Banks, you can be sure that certain design elements and features will be unlike any other luxury motor yacht on the water.

Where Are Grand Banks Yachts Built?

Grand Banks has been building yachts in Malaysia since the 1990’s and their manufacturing facility is known for its skilled craftsmen, modern technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and rigorous quality control process to ensure that each yacht meets their exacting standards before it is shipped to its destination. Grand Banks Yachts also has offices in the United States, Europe, and Australia, where it provides sales, service, and support to customers worldwide.

Alternatives to Grand Banks Yachts

There are several alternatives to Grand Banks Yachts that offer similar quality, craftsmanship, luxury, and style. Some notable brands include:

  • Palm Beach
  • Hinckley
  • Sabre
  • Nordhavn
  • Fleming
  • Selene

Each of these brands are different in their own way, offering various sizes and styles, as well as models intended for different purposes: from downeast style yachts that are ideal for day cruises, to classic style motor yachts meant for long distance cruising. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, they all may be worth exploring if you are searching for a possible alternative to a Grand Banks yacht.

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