Cruising Style

Elan and Humphreys Yacht Design continue their long-standing collaboration in creating the latest models of the Elan Impression series of cruising sailboats. The core elements remain: twin helms, deck saloon, large cockpit, fold down swim platform, ease of sail handling, a variety of innovative interior layouts, speed, comfort. What brings the latest group of Impressions to the fore is a leap of improving upon these base design elements.


The new elements in deck design in the Impression series harmonizes with what sailors want when they are on-deck. Rather than hanging a grill on the stern rail, steering seats become an outdoor galley. The vertical transom, while modern, also creates expanded cockpit space and provides for a grand drop down transom area. Twin wheels pushed outboard provide visibility for the sailor underway as well as ease of fore and aft movement at all times.


The interior of each Elan Impression series yacht is an example of the high level of craftsmanship that is expected of a company that has been creating exceptional products for generations. Bright and clean, with deck salon benefits that create an inviting interior, each detail has been considered and perfected. The Elan Impression line goes far beyond any would-be competition and has an interior quality that is enhanced by well-executed arrangements.


LOA: 39 ft 4 in

BEAM: 12 ft 10 in

DRAFT MIN: 4 ft 11 in

CABINS: 2 or 3


LOA: 45 ft 5 in

BEAM: 13 ft 9 in

DRAFT MIN: 5 ft 3 in

CABINS: 3 or 4


LOA: 49 ft 10 in

BEAM: 15 ft 4 in

DRAFT MIN: 6 ft 1 in

CABINS: 4 or 5

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