Oyster Yachts are admired the world over and remain a top choice for seaworthy bluewater sailboats. The current Oyster Yachts line includes the some of the best deck salon cruising yachts ever made. They are stylish and built for the most discerning owners. Every boat is built to order and customized to match her owners’ tastes. While all Oyster models have the same stunning lines, each one has her own personal look down below.


2012 Oyster 54

Constructed in 2012 to complete the Oyster World Rally, Talaba is the nicest Oyster 54 to be made available on the brokerage market.


2009 Oyster 72

A sleek sailboat that is capable of fast passage making, the design and customization of this 2009 Oyster 72 has been carefully considered throughout.

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Oyster Yachts began creating durable, fast, sea-kindly sailboats in the early 70’s. Like the boats made over forty years ago, the beautiful Oysters of today are created by some the worlds best craftsmen and women. The building of a great sailboat always starts with a good design and Oyster Yachts have always relied on top designers. Beyond being able to build a great boat, Oyster is known for offering high levels of support to all owners. During their around the world rally the company is always in contact with the fleet to ensure a once in a lifetime experience for each vessel. Support goes far beyond the rally however. The builder does not always tout this support and not all service people are created equal. Oyster yachts is able to assist clients across the globe, whether they are the first or third owners.

Promo Video of the All New Oyster 565

Promo Video of the All New Oyster 565 150 150 Collection Yachts

A great promo video that Oyster has released highlighting features of the all new Oyster 565.

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Oyster 725 Review

Oyster 725 Review 1024 682 Collection Yachts

The 725 was built, as many Oysters are, to sail anywhere her owners wish to go. She is the first boat in the range to have exceptional and dedicated crew quarters.

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Oyster 625 Review

Oyster 625 Review 1024 522 Collection Yachts

The Oyster 625 is a powerful sailboat that can be handled by an experienced couple but also has ample space for a captain and crew if that is the desired cruising mode.

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