For people who have spent years dreaming and planning to buy a yacht, or those ready to sell a vessel that has created stories for friends and family which will last a lifetime, buying or selling a yacht can be a very involved process. What should the role of a yacht brokerage be to assist in this process? What does it really mean to help someone buy a yacht? What does it mean to list and sell a yacht for someone? How can this process be made better, more efficient, and more enjoyable for someone buying or selling a yacht? Michael Relyea and John Earle asked and answered these questions en route to creating a different type of yacht brokerage. Collection Yachts believes in service before selling, and values long term relationships and product knowledge over simply making “the deal.” Building a team of dedicated yachting enthusiasts who are both committed to this idea, and willing to think outside the box, has given Collection Yachts the ability to be nimble and to assist clients in ways that traditional yacht brokers have failed to do.